Welcome to REMCO, INC


Rome Engineering and Manufacturing CO.

Box 707, 314 REMCO Road

Claxton, Georgia 30417

TOLL FREE 866-822-6505

FAX 912-739-7038


REMCO is a manufacturing plant located in Southeast Georgia.

Our company offers the operator protection in the form of sweeps (Limb Risers), Screens, and Guards for the tractor.

We also offer land clearing, loader and blade rakes. C-Frames, Land Clearing Blades and Braces. Thumbs, "V" Blades and Slopers. Wheel, Offset and Miscellanous Harrows.

Repair parts for all of our goods as well as Rome (Missouri Plow) Parts.

Drop an email to one of our Sales representatives.

David Self david@remcoplow.com
Sharon Self sharon@remcoplow.com